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e-Hospital4Future kick-off meeting at ISEP

The #e-Hospital4Future# - Building future through an innovated and digital skilled hospital project, which intends to elevate the education process of health professionals (clinical and non-clinical), combining modules of social skills (soft skills), technical skills (hard skills) and digital skills.

The project is led by Professor Ana Madureira and will be carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium of 8 institutions from 6 European countries: ISEP (Coordination, Portugal), UNL (Portugal), PXL (Belgium), EURECAT (Spain), UNINA (Italy),  HiMolde (Norway), CHUSA (Portugal) and PSKUS (Latvia).

The #e-Hospital4Future Kick-off meeting took place on March 28th at ISEP, with the participation of all partners.

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